These are the most common areas for users to want to customise EndNote to suit their requirements. EndNote comes with thousands of 'content files' to cater for users, from all areas of research, with a wide range of referencing requirements straight out of the box. There is also the opportunity to download additional files from the Thomson Reuters web site. However, there are numerous reasons why user would want to create new 'content files'.

Styles are generally only associated with the formatting of the the citations and bibliography when writing in Word. However, they can also be used to export reference data to other software and can assist in the production of bespoke reports.

Example style for downloading: BasicExportToExcel

Filters are needed to import reference data into EndNote from text files. Most online bibliographic databases will do a direct export to EndNote but some still require you to save a text file and import it as a separate task, using an appropriate Filter. In addition, some sites claim to use a standard format to directly export to EndNote but stray from that standard, causing the data to import incorrectly. Editing Filters can solve this.

Connection Files are used whenever the 'Online Search' tool is used to download reference data directly from online sources. if the data does not import correctly an edit to the Connection File can cure this. In addition, sometimes there is more data contained in the download than is imported into EndNote, this missing data can often be collected after a change to the Connection File.