All training sessions are assessed by means of evaluation forms filled in by delegates at the end of the course. Below are just a few of the comments received from these.

Excellent – a natural teacher! Approachable and willing to help us individually.

We escalate some really tricky EndNote questions to Bob and the team, and the reply is always prompt, friendly and knowledgeable.

It was about as perfect as a teaching seminar could be. Moved at the correct pace and encompasses a good amount of information. Bob delivered an engaging and interesting course. His style was very enjoyable.

Good balance of basic information and practical tips for the more experienced.

I just wanted to say thanks to Bob for a great training session today. I would certainly recommend this training to other people.

Good tutor genuinely interested in student’s needs. This course provided all I needed and more.

Took me from a complete beginner to a user in very easy steps. Very enthusiastic, willing to answer questions, helpful, friendly – overall very good


Course was excellent, Bob was very thorough, covering a lot of ground. The content was just what was required. Very pleased!

Bob’s great, he should be franchised.

The training session has been invaluable. Your expertise and your patience are exemplary. It cannot be easy to teach a 75 year old new tricks but you have done so with the utmost understanding. The software is extraordinarily powerful: you have explained how to use it in simple and understandable terms.

Very helpful and approachable – excellent trainer.