If you do not want an on-site course, or just want to focus on a particular feature or area of your software, I can provide LIVE 'hands on' one to one Online Training.

This is delivered at a time that suits you via an online meeting tool (using the Internet and a telephone connection or computer headset). During the session you will actually use the software under my guidance and I will attempt to answer any questions you may have.

This way you can achieve what you need from a session dropped into your busy schedule, without even leaving the office (or home) and with no travel costs. Its like having face to face training without the eye contact.


Everyone that has used this method of training has found it easy to access and given very positive feedback, for example:-

“I found the ‘on-line’ training an excellent way to get one to one input from the expert trainer. I have never used EndNote before and now feel much more confident that I will be able to use this package for my needs but at the same time making sure that I’m using it to its full potential… I will definitely be using ‘on-line’ training again.” - M C, East of England.


Sessions for EndNote and Reference Manager

Kick Start (£45+vat) - half an hour dedicated to providing a new user with the absolute basics to enable them to make a start with the product

Overview (£120+vat) - a 90 minute session that is designed to introduce a new user to all the major features of the product, to enable them to make the most of it from day 1.

Bespoke (£120+vat) - an hour covering whatever aspects of the product the user needs more help on (this could include using their own data)


These sessions could provide training for groups but only one person can be benefiting from the 'hands on' element, the others would be able to watch how things are  done, hear the instructions and share in any discussions - ask for further details.

This presentation style can also be used as a cost effective way to demonstrate to large groups how the software can be used - ask for further details.


How to book one of these Online Training sessions

Contact me either by email or phone, to discuss your options, explain what you want to cover and to arrange a date and time convenient to you.


Benefits of Online Training

Delivered directly to your desk – no need to travel, so no associated costs

Short, affordable sessions focus on specific aspects of your choice

Sessions are LIVE, letting you interact with the Trainer while actually using the software

Sessions arranged at a time to suit you and the Trainer



Advance payment is required for all our Online Training sessions.

All Online Training sessions are delivered in the English language

An  Internet connection with a decent speed is essential. A separate voice telephone connection can be used for the audio (your telephone provider’s normal call charges will apply), or VoIP can be used via the Internet connection using a computer headset (free of charge).